5 Romantic Travel Destinations For Couples In Australia


Every now and then, it is good for a couple to organize a quiet getaway and just take time to enjoy each other’s company. Fortunately, you are spoilt for choice when thinking of destinations for a romantic getaway in Australia. All across Australia, there are beautiful romantic spots which cater for almost all kinds of tastes. Here then are some interesting places for you to consider when planning your next romantic getaway.

Palm Cove, Queensland

For those who enjoy a quiet walk on the beach without having to contend with crowds of people, Palm Cove, located between Cairns and Port Douglas is just the place for you. With its tropical vegetation and spectacular sunrises, Palm Cove offers pristine beaches and calm sea fronts without the usual throngs of people that are found on beaches. The area also offers great culinary delights with restaurants in the area serving a variety of tantalizing seafood.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Sunshine Coast Hinterland offers the thrills of mountain climbing and beautiful sunny beaches all in the same locality. There are numerous historic villages scattered all across the area and clean fresh mountain air that comes with high elevation. Depending on how fit you are, there are several hiking tracks all of which lead to beautiful look outlook points that are ideal for a quiet picnic surrounded by stunning views.

Daylesford, Victoria

For those looking for something a little different from the usual countryside or seafronts, Daylesford offers a holiday experience with a difference. Known in some quarters as the Spa Country; Daylesford features numerous hot springs that are great for relaxation and therapy. A couple choosing to go to Daylesford will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous spa resorts in the area, all offering unique attractions to the guests. In addition, the area offers beautiful sceneries and a great culinary experience.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Adelaide Hills are located less than a thirty minutes’ drive from the city of Adelaide and offer couples beautiful rolling hills that are dotted with wineries and lush vineyards. The main attraction, however, is the culinary experience as the many eating points offer a delightful mix of dishes for their visitors. The area also has numerous ice creameries, cheese and chocolate production points which all add to the culinary experience.

Heart Reef, Queensland

For those looking to commune with the sea during their romantic getaway, Heart Reef provides snorkelling and diving experiences for couples visiting the area. The reef features an abundance of sea life that makes for a great viewing spectacle for divers. Besides the amazing marine life, visitors at Heart Reef can also enjoy beautiful beaches as well as amazing seafood from the numerous resorts that are located in the area.

All these areas offer a variety of attractions for couples looking for an ideal getaway. Whether you are looking for beautiful countryside or beach attractions, Australia offers something for all tastes and preferences. Better still, all these lovely spots are easily accessible through a variety of ways including mini bus hire.

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