Mesmerizing and Exciting Journey to Eternal Pleasure


The magnificent past of Maui reveals that during the regime of powerful Chieftains, rulers of the island, roads were not necessary.  In ancient days, land was in stretches i.e. alaloa which used to run down from mountains to the ocean. The islanders used to commute between villages by canoe from one stretch of beach to another.

When Maui’s King Piilani conquered East Maui and brought Hana under his rule, built the first inland path from East Maui to West Maui.

Although, it was just a footpath but it marked the beginning of creating a system of roads in Maui. Later, Piilani’s son, Kihapiilani, extended the alaloa into the Hana District.

Actual road construction started in the early 1900s and the full road to Hana became operational on December 18, 1926.  

Specialty and importance of Hana Highway

The Hana belt road retains a high level of historic integrity and character and is a remnant of Maui’s “belt” i.e.  Around the Hana island road system.

Since the historic portion of the road to Hana i.e. Hana belt road is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, it is relatively unaltered in its historic setting and character that includes its location, width, alignment, structures, scenery and vistas.

Driving on the road to Hana

In its present shape and structure driving on the Road to Hana, you will have an experience of a lifetime with amazing views of a serpentine road lined with tumbling waterfalls, lush slopes, rugged coasts and serious hairpin turns.

The Hana highway aka The Road to Hana stretched to 52 miles is certain to give you exhausting and many times harrowing time with 617 hairpin curves and 59 unforgiving yet curious one-lane bridges.

Due to an incredible number of blind spots along the way in Maui, the Hana Highway is aptly dubbed as The Divorce Highway.

All along on the road to Hana, you will feel mesmerized by the incredibly beautiful waterfalls, local handmade jewelry, fragrant flowers and leis. The fresh pineapple and banana bread will not allow you to simply move ahead without having a bite into them.

You will also discover and relish host of other Hawaiian culinary delights at the roadside stands. 

All along the way

As you start moving on the road to Hana i.e. Hana Highway after getting down at Kahului Airport, you will be amazed by the creativity of nature. With waterfalls popping up all over the road to Hana, you can experience awesome scenic beauty while on road to Hana.

The awesome natural beauty of Twin falls, Garden Of Eden Arboretum can be experienced in the beginning of journey. Progressing further there is the Hana Lava Tube that provides self guided cave tour. With the handrails and comfortable temperature make this activity fun, safe, and easy for visitors of all ages.

Wai’anapanapa State Park is famous for two impressive lava-tube caves, hiking trails and a stunning black sand beach. The historic Sophia’s Church marks your arrival into Hana.

The most popular tourists’ attraction is Wailua falls i.e. the Three Bears Fall with waterfall cascading 80 feet down the side of a lush jungle. On the road to Hana, you cannot afford to miss Hamoa Beach that has been consistently named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In the last stretch of Hana highway, the Koki beach is famous for its dark, red sand.

Your visit to Maui is never complete without travelling on the road to Hana to have a memorable lifetime experience.

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5 Romantic Travel Destinations For Couples In Australia


Every now and then, it is good for a couple to organize a quiet getaway and just take time to enjoy each other’s company. Fortunately, you are spoilt for choice when thinking of destinations for a romantic getaway in Australia. All across Australia, there are beautiful romantic spots which cater for almost all kinds of tastes. Here then are some interesting places for you to consider when planning your next romantic getaway.

Palm Cove, Queensland

For those who enjoy a quiet walk on the beach without having to contend with crowds of people, Palm Cove, located between Cairns and Port Douglas is just the place for you. With its tropical vegetation and spectacular sunrises, Palm Cove offers pristine beaches and calm sea fronts without the usual throngs of people that are found on beaches. The area also offers great culinary delights with restaurants in the area serving a variety of tantalizing seafood.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Sunshine Coast Hinterland offers the thrills of mountain climbing and beautiful sunny beaches all in the same locality. There are numerous historic villages scattered all across the area and clean fresh mountain air that comes with high elevation. Depending on how fit you are, there are several hiking tracks all of which lead to beautiful look outlook points that are ideal for a quiet picnic surrounded by stunning views.

Daylesford, Victoria

For those looking for something a little different from the usual countryside or seafronts, Daylesford offers a holiday experience with a difference. Known in some quarters as the Spa Country; Daylesford features numerous hot springs that are great for relaxation and therapy. A couple choosing to go to Daylesford will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous spa resorts in the area, all offering unique attractions to the guests. In addition, the area offers beautiful sceneries and a great culinary experience.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Adelaide Hills are located less than a thirty minutes’ drive from the city of Adelaide and offer couples beautiful rolling hills that are dotted with wineries and lush vineyards. The main attraction, however, is the culinary experience as the many eating points offer a delightful mix of dishes for their visitors. The area also has numerous ice creameries, cheese and chocolate production points which all add to the culinary experience.

Heart Reef, Queensland

For those looking to commune with the sea during their romantic getaway, Heart Reef provides snorkelling and diving experiences for couples visiting the area. The reef features an abundance of sea life that makes for a great viewing spectacle for divers. Besides the amazing marine life, visitors at Heart Reef can also enjoy beautiful beaches as well as amazing seafood from the numerous resorts that are located in the area.

All these areas offer a variety of attractions for couples looking for an ideal getaway. Whether you are looking for beautiful countryside or beach attractions, Australia offers something for all tastes and preferences. Better still, all these lovely spots are easily accessible through a variety of ways including mini bus hire.

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How Business Travel gains importance?


Many new startup companies and well-developed companies view as business travel as an expense and don’t know the benefits that come from it. Putting the feet on the ground is so important in the business screen.

Most of the Business clients are in consulting firms, agencies. Remaining are the innovators get benefits on visiting directly to the clients in these financial hubs. Technology era will be taken to a wide level of communication in fantasy ways. But in the look of business, business-crushing can’t be replaced by technology.

Why the Business visit to a client is necessary?

The defeat of the business people while loss contract and client, due to the reason of lacking in the face-to-face meetings. In the online conference, a meeting may lack the performance due to the internet problems, Speaking in non-verbally through facial expression and missing the confidential eye contact with the clients.

Board room meeting is the moment of heart bustling when a face-to-face meeting putting a face to the name, grabbing the opportunity to present the best business deals and discussion on important thing to make the decision on deals.

Human Interaction is important in business travel to build the foundations for a better future or existing business relationship. Miscommunication will be reduced and the sense of unity will increase on the discussions.

Leadership is an attractive and ability thing to inspire attention to the meeting. This leadership will encourage the ability and assurance of the company to the client. And time to travel and meet the person in-person will provide a view of their success.

How to choose a business travel Agent?

Choosing a business travel company or management is a worried task. An extensive travel solution is a must for business and to maximize time utilization. Travel Management Company will handle the needs and complex of traveling. Here are the tips to choose a travel management company.

Travel value

The reason for traveling and spending on time duration in the business meeting, will minimize the travel spend values by using the business travel company offers. Ensure about safety from the travel agency.

Many clients will have experience on travel management companies in their sector.  Choose the best TMC in the list and ensure their services and handling of outsourcing emergency calls and emails from the field.

Account management hinges greatly on the accounts to look at interests and troubleshoots to solve. Management will be the one to spend and controlling the travel expenses. So the management needs the analyzed information and proper reporting about the TMC. Make sure about the TMC potential in a reliable facility of systems.

Technology is not a substitute for business opportunities to grab easily. Business travel and human interface yield a tremendous benefit

Author Bio: The author has experience in business travel through all over the world from the age of face – to- face meeting and until the age of current internet meeting. He explained how business travel is more efficient than an online meeting.

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Tips for Staying Healthy While on Vacation this Summer


When summer arrives, it’s only natural for you to want to get out there and explore. However, no matter if you are traveling to an exotic location such as going on a Turkish yacht vacation, or exploring close to home, staying healthy should be high on your priority list. Some tips that will help you stay healthy while on vacation this summer are highlighted here.

Drink Lots Of Water

It is important to drink water throughout the day to keep hydrated and cool. This is especially true if you are planning outdoor activities. Be sure that you take plenty of filtered water along with you no matter where you go, or what you plan to do. Even if you are not planning any strenuous activity outdoors, remember that dehydration can come on suddenly, and you need to be prepared.

Protect Yourself From Overexposure To The Sun

It is also extremely important to protect your skin and eyes if you are going to be in the sun. In Turkey, the sun is stronger than in other parts of the world. Overexposure to the sun can cause you to burn, and perhaps develop sun poisoning or heatstroke. Sun burn develops over time, and you may not notice the effects until well into the evening, so come out of the sun before you turn pink, not after. In addition to sunscreen, be sure to wear a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses especially when going on a Turkish yacht vacation.

Bring Along Hand Sanitizer

If you are traveling during the summer months in Sardinia, Italy you are bound to be in public settings where washing your hands will not always be possible. This is why it’s always a good idea to use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. A purse-sized bottle of hand sanitizer costs only a dollar at dollar stores nationwide, and it will fit easily inside your pocket or purse.

Continue Your Exercise Regimen

While you may want to spend your summer vacation lying on the boat or by the yacht pool, it is important that you do something active daily in order to feel your best. Your gym membership may include the option to visit other branches even if they are located in other states. In some cases, your gym may have a partnership with other gym brands, so be sure to ask before you leave town.

Vacation shouldn’t be considered an excuse to give up on all your healthy habits. It’s easy to maintain healthy habit when you pay attention. Keep these tips in mind so you return home as healthy as when you left for vacation.

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Creating the best memories on a train journey


A majority of people these days like a train journey because it provides ways for planning a long trip to other places. Moreover, it allowsknowing various destinations during a trip for gaining more knowledge. The orient express is a train operated by Belmond Ltd in the UK that aims at providing luxurious amenities to passengers for making a comfortable trip.Another thing is that it gives ways for planning the holidays in European countries with well-equipped facilities. The train covers different routes allowing passengers to enjoy a trip accordingly.

Scheduling a happy journey to Venice

The orient train covers a trip from London to Venice and vice-versa enabling passengers to make an adventurous journey. It covers important destinations in Europe thereby making the trip a memorable one.Moreover, the train journeyprovides 5-star luxury amenities for those who want to experience the best accommodation on a trip. The train is a perfect choice for exploring the natural beauty and other things after boarding.  On the other hand, it is necessary to know the scheduledtime table from for booking a trip to Venice in advance.

What are the luxurious amenities available on the train?

There are different types of luxurious amenities available on the train allowing passengers to ensure high-level comforts. Some of them include a sleeping compartment, single bedrooms, double bedrooms, cabinet, air-conditioner, Wi-Fi, towels, toilet, reading room, banquette sofa, small table, washbasin, footstool, 24-hour steward service, and so on. The sleeper trains UK make feasible ways for buying European gifts from the signature boutique. Delicious meals areavailable on the train which satisfies the needs of passengers. A passenger will get Earl Grey tea, juices, fruits, water, and other breakfast items after having a great night sleep.

What are the things to do on the train journey?

Passengers should check in at least an hour before the train departure. It is necessary to check the bags with the laborer when boarding the oriental train. One should follow the dress code during the lunch and dinner for ensuring more happiness. It is advisable to switch off the mobile phones or put them in silent mode after boarding the train. Anyone who wants to book seats in sleeper trains can approach an agent for knowing the status and other things. The rates may vary anytime and passengers should know about themfrom before planning a trip to Venice in Europe.


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Understand Greek Food and Culture Availing Food Tours Athens


Athens is an important European city. It is a historic city and a popular destination for global tourists. The place is ideal for foodies; it has a great culinary tradition. There are various types of food prepared from food sources from sea and land that are served at the hotels and restaurants of Athens. If you are a food lover and want to embark on a food tour then you can register with secret food tours. Such tours help the food tourists to enjoy the delicious food of Athens, they also offer the food tourists a good opportunity to explore the city of Athens, engage in various sightseeing options, and enjoy the rich culture and historic past of Athens.

Tips of Enjoying Food Tour Athens

If you are a member of Food Tours Athens then besides good food you may want to enjoy drinks package. The drinks package is for those who are 18 years or more than that. Importantly, if you want to enjoy the drinks package then you require carrying a valid ID card. The drinks package includes local red wine as well as other types of drinks. The food tours Athens is a 3 hour Greek gastronomy tour. As part of the tour the tourists can enjoy the vibrant local market, they can also try to discover hidden gems. The tourists can avail the services of professional tour guides. The local guides are expected to have knowledge about Greek history, they may know about the local food as well as popular sightseeing places in Greece. For more information about the food and drinks that are served as part of the food tour, visit the website of secret food tours.

If you visit Greece then Downtown Athens is something that you cannot afford to miss. This place is a combination of serenity, tradition and thoughtful graffiti. This part of Greece is home to some of Greece’s ancient structures and hence it is a popular tourist’s attraction. Downtown Greece is known to have a number of eateries that are known to serve enjoyable authentic and delicious food.

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Tour to one of the most tranquil spots in Kerala


We people usually plan our tour to stay away from the rush of life and enjoy what we have. One of the best choices is to plan a tour for a place which has peace and refined beauty of nature to explore. Places that are refined with the beauty of nature not only serve you mental wellness but also it is delightful to enjoy the vibe of nature and ambiance that put your heart pure.

One of such places where you can find peace and an ambiance which is free from emotional and mental disturbance is Kumarakom.  This place can be stated as the most tranquil places in Kerala. If you are planning a Kerala tour, then this is one of the best places that can give you a perfect example of peace and soothing nature.

Read more about Kumarakom

This beautiful tourist destination is situated near Vembanad lake. Tourists explore alluring sceneries when they visit this place. One can spend beautiful time with their loved ones. This is the best place to sit down and spend quality time. Not only the beauty but it also has exotic flora and fauna that make it one of the loveliest places in Kerala that attract tourist attention. When you take Kerala tour packages, this places is always added to your explore list.

Mix of everything

This particular place is really great to explore and is a mix of everything. Tourists can get authentic Kerala food and enjoy it while having fresh air.  You can have a look at backwaters. Delicious fresh coconut is always served in Kerala, and you can enjoy them during your Kerala tour package. One can enjoy a lot as there are many options to choose from like houseboat stay, boating, fishing, cruising, etc

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Hiring professional airport transportation always maintain your security


If you are organizing a few relaxing days during the holidays and have decided to rent airport taxi service, you must know how to hire them? There are a few Companies that provide airport taxi facility but not all of them are 100 percent clear to their contract. They often change he terms and conditions.

The sector is very wide and varied. Whom will you trust? How to hire them? Which professional to hire? Which services are offered? How much will be the cost? Will they be reliable? All of these queries end with airport taxi MSP services. The professional service offers you 100 percent clear contract, 200 percent security and comfort and all of them within your budget.

Booking and contract

In general, you can say that, when booking airport taxi rental, it is good to compare the rates on the Internet and choose a car that meets your needs, remembering that the smaller and smaller cars cost and consume less.

In general, there are some procedures to book the airport cab transportation. The first one is to book them from their website. There you can have various options to choose. You have to full fill all the details regarding your trip. When will you land, what is your plane arrival time, which airports will you land, how many luggage and baggage, how many are you, how many days will you stay, and which type of car do you need? Do you need it for pick up or you need them to assists you in the side scene or wherever you might go?

The same thing happens when you will go. You have to do the same process but less. When is your flight? Which type of car you need? How many are you? You can book them at the same time when you booked them during your trip weeks earlier. And, if you forget to book them online, no worries, you can still book them by calling at their customer care or booking number.

What is after?

Soon you arrived to the airport terminal, the driver will hold the card with your name and you can easily recognize them. And, if not then you can wait in VIP area, where the driver will come in well dressed and pick your luggage. You have to follow them and within a moment you will be in the cab.

The drivers are well groomed, well versed, well speak and they know professional manners. All of them had to pass through a tough exam in the centre that how to communicate with the clients. You will simply have no chance to point out any failures.


It is your duty to make your family trip safer and remarkable. You cannot take any risk by hiring the novices. If you are on a business trip or for corporate meetings, you will simply have no time to watch what is good and what is bad. This is why, you must choose the airport taxi transportation very carefully.

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Jerusalem is one city which is extensively rich in history and culture. It is regarded in the Jewish religion as the holy city and is also a cultural and religious center for Jews in Israel and all over the world. Jewish history in the City of Jerusalem dates back over three thousand years to the time of King David with most of its landmarks still standing today attracting Jews from around the world who visit the holy city of Jerusalem to experience the history of the Jewish people. For tourists who relish the rich Jewish historical sites, here is a list of a few sites rich in Jewish culture you might want to visit:

Western Wall

The western wall is considered the holiest site a Jew can have access to for prayer, it is the most cherished of all Jewish landmarks in the city of Jerusalem and is one of the last remaining supporting walls of the Second Temple compound, an extension built by King Herod during the era of Roman rule in Jerusalem. The western wall is also a popular location for traditional bar mitzvah ceremonies attracting both Jews and non-Jews who come to experience Jewish heritage, there are also restaurants which serve food in accordance to Jewish kosher rules located nearby where families can stop by for lovely Jewish meals.

Four Sephardic Synagogues

From the 16th century up until 1948, the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, the Emtsai Synagogue, the Yohanan Ben Zakai Synagogue, and the Istanbuli Synagogue were the centres of Sephardic Jewish worship and religious leadership. When Jerusalem was captured by Jordan, the synagogues were burnt and later refurbished in 1967 when Israel recaptured the city. The Four Sephardic synagogues are a beautiful tourist destination for any Jewish family or groups visiting the holy city on tour, the synagogues also serve as a worship center and a wedding venue as well.

City of David

The city of David (Hezekiah tunnel) is currently an archaeological park where visitors can go to learn about the history of Jerusalem, view some remnants of houses and towers-built centuries ago and water tunnels. This archaeological site is popularly known as the birthplace of Jerusalem and is said to be the place where King David established his kingdom.  Touring Jewish history enthusiasts should make sure they visit this incredibly beautiful site which is home to the Shiloh tunnels through which the ancient spring waters still flow.

King David’s tomb

The tomb of King David which is located on Mount Zion in Jerusalem is said to be the burial place of King David of Israel, the tomb is situated in the corner of a room on the ground floor of the former Hagia Zion which was a late Roman era house of worship/synagogue. It is also regarded as one of the holiest sites for Jews and was of great significance to the Jews especially between the time the state of Israel was founded in 1948 and 1967. During this time the old city was under Jordanian control and Jews had no access to the western wall of the temple so instead, they went to the tomb of David to pray. It is a nice place to visit if you’re coming to Jerusalem on tour with your family or if you’re visiting with groups of friends.

So if you are looking for a fascinating adventure in the ancient biblical Israel sites, simplyvisit JI-TOURS today and book your tour.

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Resort Amenities to Look for In Your Next Beach Vacation


Taking a vacation on a beach is a great time to relax and unwind from the stresses of work. By lazing around along the coast, you can get numerous health and wellness benefits while having fun with your family, friends, or colleagues. But most resorts nowadays offer more than a relaxing view of the sea as well as lodgings and cottages for sleeping. They also provide many amenities that are equally engaging and entertaining as swimming in the open seas.

To be able to compete, most resort owners offer a wide range of amenities that will make you think twice about leaving their premises. Many of them have a cocktail bar or cafe, lavish indoor pools, spas or Jacuzzis, water and land rides, wreck diving and sporting areas. Other resorts also have conference rooms and virtual offices allowing you to hold meetings and other office activities even while you’re out of town.

Why Going to the Beach is more Fun

Why should you choose a beach for a holiday? While climbing on a mountain, visiting popular landmarks abroad are some great alternatives, taking a break along the coast has many benefits. Reconnecting with our ancestors who often live near a body of water will not only give your mind and body an opportunity to rejuvenate, it is also the perfect spot to enhance your relationship with your family and friends.

And thanks to competition, even budget beach resorts offer tons of amenities to make the stay of their visitors more memorable and meaningful.

Cool Beach Facilities

  • Indoor Pools – Some people prefer to swim and sunbathe on indoor freshwater pools instead of the sea. For this reason, many resort owners install these swimming facilities to satisfy customers who want the best of either or both types of waters.
  • Cocktail Bars and Cafe – Socializing is often incomplete without the presence of bars and cafes. Often, good conversations are made with booze or cups of joe.
  • Spas or Jacuzzis – Spas and Jacuzzis offer a unique type of relaxation. The hot waters from these facilities can give you a quality sleep while on a resort.
  • Water Rides and Sports – Part of taking a break is to engage in fun activities such as water sports. Choose a resort that rents out jet skis, rafts, banana boat and flying fish rides. Some resorts even offer island hopping.
  • Scuba diving – Like swimming on the shore, diving also has its own set of benefits. Through this activity, you can witness and interact with marine life first-hand. What’s more, you can experience once-in-a-lifetime moment of weightlessness and being submerged underwater for some minutes.
  • Conference Rooms – If you’re a workaholic or a lifestyle entrepreneur, you can mix work and play at the same time by renting a conference room. To break the monotony of office routine, you can also hold your meeting, training and team building sessions in a conference room along the beach.  

In your next out-of-town vacation, make sure to include Batangas beach resort in your list. By doing so, you will give your mind, body and relationships a chance to get recharged.

Author: Carrie Sze

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