How to Succeed in Fishing During Vacation


Every fisherman has the objective of achieving a perfect fishery, in a pleasant place, with good fish, good fights, pleasant fishing partners and favourable climate which is automatically what Belize Fishing has while giving tours to holidaymakers.

For this to happen, the fisherman himself must take the necessary precautions not to regret anything and not make disastrous mistakes.

As we all know, in many vacation places, it is increasingly difficult to find and catch fish. More and more fishermen are updating themselves, so we must always seek quality.

Important Signs to Know Where Best Fishing

·         Waterfowl

  • This is the best sign of all, because the birds feed on small fish and, consequently where one finds the other is next.
  • In a place where there are several birds, there will surely be plenty of fish. As we know, predatory fish also feed on these small fish.

·         Islands

  • This signal can also be used in rivers or coastal bays. In fresh water, the stones are small fish refuges, and this is where the larger fish will hunt them.

·         Trunks and/or Submerged Trees

  • Another important sign that must be observed, both in rivers of the coast as in rivers of fresh water or dams.
  • There are many species of predator fish that seek out these places to feed themselves, because around sticks and partially or totally submerged trees, living organisms, such as sea bass, black bass, the tucunarés, etc.

·         Margins with Grass

  • It is also the grass that is mainly responsible for the number of insects in the place, which are there and constitute the feeding of fingerlings and small fish.

·         Fruit Trees

  • One more important sign of nature and these can be both wild and homely. Several species of fish feed on fruits. If we want, we can mention, besides tilapia, fish such as pacu, carp, piracanjuba, piaba and etc, since all have the same habit.

·         Small Water Courses

  • They are another important sign of nature that can be used both in freshwater and in the sea.
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