Jerusalem is one city which is extensively rich in history and culture. It is regarded in the Jewish religion as the holy city and is also a cultural and religious center for Jews in Israel and all over the world. Jewish history in the City of Jerusalem dates back over three thousand years to the time of King David with most of its landmarks still standing today attracting Jews from around the world who visit the holy city of Jerusalem to experience the history of the Jewish people. For tourists who relish the rich Jewish historical sites, here is a list of a few sites rich in Jewish culture you might want to visit:

Western Wall

The western wall is considered the holiest site a Jew can have access to for prayer, it is the most cherished of all Jewish landmarks in the city of Jerusalem and is one of the last remaining supporting walls of the Second Temple compound, an extension built by King Herod during the era of Roman rule in Jerusalem. The western wall is also a popular location for traditional bar mitzvah ceremonies attracting both Jews and non-Jews who come to experience Jewish heritage, there are also restaurants which serve food in accordance to Jewish kosher rules located nearby where families can stop by for lovely Jewish meals.

Four Sephardic Synagogues

From the 16th century up until 1948, the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, the Emtsai Synagogue, the Yohanan Ben Zakai Synagogue, and the Istanbuli Synagogue were the centres of Sephardic Jewish worship and religious leadership. When Jerusalem was captured by Jordan, the synagogues were burnt and later refurbished in 1967 when Israel recaptured the city. The Four Sephardic synagogues are a beautiful tourist destination for any Jewish family or groups visiting the holy city on tour, the synagogues also serve as a worship center and a wedding venue as well.

City of David

The city of David (Hezekiah tunnel) is currently an archaeological park where visitors can go to learn about the history of Jerusalem, view some remnants of houses and towers-built centuries ago and water tunnels. This archaeological site is popularly known as the birthplace of Jerusalem and is said to be the place where King David established his kingdom.  Touring Jewish history enthusiasts should make sure they visit this incredibly beautiful site which is home to the Shiloh tunnels through which the ancient spring waters still flow.

King David’s tomb

The tomb of King David which is located on Mount Zion in Jerusalem is said to be the burial place of King David of Israel, the tomb is situated in the corner of a room on the ground floor of the former Hagia Zion which was a late Roman era house of worship/synagogue. It is also regarded as one of the holiest sites for Jews and was of great significance to the Jews especially between the time the state of Israel was founded in 1948 and 1967. During this time the old city was under Jordanian control and Jews had no access to the western wall of the temple so instead, they went to the tomb of David to pray. It is a nice place to visit if you’re coming to Jerusalem on tour with your family or if you’re visiting with groups of friends.

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