These Australian Coffee Shops Should Be On Your Itinerary!


Coffee shops top the list as one of the best places to hang out with loved ones. Australia is well known for its breweries and cafes. You will be spoilt for choice with plenty of options in this niche. Charter a party bus for your day trip and explore some of Australia’s most famous coffee shops!

The Cupping Room

The creators of The Cupping room are very knowledgeable about their coffee beans, their farmers and methods of achieving a pleasant undertone in every style of coffee. From expertly pulled espressos and pour overs to cold drop drip filter over ice, there’s plenty to choose from. The Cupping Room serves a café menu sourced with local produce. Don’t miss out on trying the tea made from the coffee tree’s cherries.

Coffee Lab

At Coffee Lab, you will find the latest brewing techniques along with an inventive breakfast menu and locally roasted beans. The menu includes the likes of Cuppacumbalong’s organic and excellent Pialligo Estate bacon. Once you are here, don’t forget to order their steak sandwiches that are topped with delectable sauces and caramelised onions.

Monday’s Coffee Store

Located in Adelaide, this masterpiece by Jarrad Sharrock is a reflection of his culinary skills. Featuring slurpable chocolate by Mork, teas by Assembly and beans roasted by the guys from Small Batch, you get much more than coffee here. The iced coffee here rocks and they are a must-try.

Dawn Patrol

This little piece of paradise is located in the heart of Australia and it purveys every possible brewing technique, e.g. the utilization of AeroPress, cold dripping, and siphoning. They know how to maximize their coffee beans, which are procured from reputable sources. If you are looking for a little vinous palate cleanser, this is the place for you.

Pilgrim Coffee

The owner of this coffee shop, Mr Will Priestly, has travelled across the world and has honed his skills, which is quite evident from his coffee creations. The shop has become a staple for many local residents who are undoubtedly coffee lovers.

Ecru Coffee

Situated in the Central Business District of Hobart, Ecru Coffee is a wonderful shopping destination that allows visitors to energise themselves with a quick cup of espresso. You can also try the sister café Villino, if you are willing to spend some time there. Get an extra shot to satisfy their coffee cravings.


Get away from the hurly burly of the Byron Bay Township and get a dose of calm at the Folk. The menu here is driven by vegan-based produce, and the newest thing right now is the filter batch brew. Espresso lovers, however, can still enjoy the classics anytime.

Rising Sun Workshop

The people behind this workshop come from a serious coffee breed. You are in for a serious brew whether you prefer it milky, frothy, black or batched. You can also order a hearty dish, e.g. egg rolls, bacon, pastries and breakfast ramen. One of the key highlights here is the Mecca Coffee Roasters that are a must-try.

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