Understand Greek Food and Culture Availing Food Tours Athens


Athens is an important European city. It is a historic city and a popular destination for global tourists. The place is ideal for foodies; it has a great culinary tradition. There are various types of food prepared from food sources from sea and land that are served at the hotels and restaurants of Athens. If you are a food lover and want to embark on a food tour then you can register with secret food tours. Such tours help the food tourists to enjoy the delicious food of Athens, they also offer the food tourists a good opportunity to explore the city of Athens, engage in various sightseeing options, and enjoy the rich culture and historic past of Athens.

Tips of Enjoying Food Tour Athens

If you are a member of Food Tours Athens then besides good food you may want to enjoy drinks package. The drinks package is for those who are 18 years or more than that. Importantly, if you want to enjoy the drinks package then you require carrying a valid ID card. The drinks package includes local red wine as well as other types of drinks. The food tours Athens is a 3 hour Greek gastronomy tour. As part of the tour the tourists can enjoy the vibrant local market, they can also try to discover hidden gems. The tourists can avail the services of professional tour guides. The local guides are expected to have knowledge about Greek history, they may know about the local food as well as popular sightseeing places in Greece. For more information about the food and drinks that are served as part of the food tour, visit the website of secret food tours.

If you visit Greece then Downtown Athens is something that you cannot afford to miss. This place is a combination of serenity, tradition and thoughtful graffiti. This part of Greece is home to some of Greece’s ancient structures and hence it is a popular tourist’s attraction. Downtown Greece is known to have a number of eateries that are known to serve enjoyable authentic and delicious food.


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